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Recently added incidentsMost rated: Tailgating/Aggressive driving

Number plate image for CY15LHX

Unable to sleep.Every noise we can hear, has us going to the bedroom window. For the past 8 wks,there has been a lot of activity at the house across the road.These 3 vehicles, late model black Range Rover PVY247R,driven by a middle aged white man,… Read more >

Posted on 23/11/2017 at 02:19 by Cyfriniaeth
Number plate image for V44EAR

Scania truck going 30-35mph the 20 miles between Woodstock and Moreton-in-Marsh. Skipped multiple pull over spots to allow cars to safely pass, causing a back up of at least 50 cars at one point.

Posted on 22/11/2017 at 20:40 by DannyJewel
Number plate image for CY15LHX

I'v done it again.Not concentrating.Grabbing quick tea break.I posted in last blog :(During 1988 & 89/99): Correction. Reads as follows,during 1988 1989 1990. Not 1999. In 1999 I believe it was a black Vauxhall Carlton.All very busy here. Have a bit… Read more >

Posted on 22/11/2017 at 20:05 by CarAMANDA
Number plate image for CY15LHX

In reply to; "TheFamousFive" Mrs Browne,with an "e". London.I'm very busy.Quick reply.According to my dad.Mr308/CY15LHX had keepership of a White Ford Granada, engine, V6,2800cc,auto.During 1988 & 89/99."CarAMANDA" the boyfriend.Cheshire.

Posted on 22/11/2017 at 19:32 by CarAMANDA
Number plate image for SB56HMB

Mad fanny jumped oot his moter n started goin fur wee kids

Posted on 22/11/2017 at 18:11 by Deccyboy
Number plate image for KJ17XXV

The vehicle drove past queuing traffic waiting to exit the motorway at junction 14 and the forced its way in at the front. Consequently this manoeuvre forced other drivers in the middle lane to brake and the people already in the queue to give way. Cle… Read more >

Posted on 22/11/2017 at 09:59 by Ghostman
Number plate image for PK61TYP

Silver BMW 520D SE AUTO 2011 Saloon Bay Gateway, Lancaster Speeder doing in excess of 20mph over the speed limit along Bay Gateway.

Posted on 22/11/2017 at 09:34 by InANutsHell
Number plate image for YY04KFV

Drove around a queue of cars on the wrong side of the road only to cut in front of other people in the queue.

Posted on 21/11/2017 at 20:49 by thingshappen

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