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Recently added incidentsMost rated: Tailgating/Aggressive driving

Number plate image for J40LOU

Driving aggressively in a car park. When asked to slow down by an old couple that were trying to cross the car park she told them to f off and walked away

Posted on 19/10/2018 at 15:37 by Sparks42x104
Number plate image for HX07JYB

Excessive speeding 60mph in a 30mph limit. Honda Blackbird. Seen on numerous occasions doing the same.

Posted on 19/10/2018 at 09:24 by quantric
Number plate image for OO09BOY

White VAUXHALL CASCADA SE CDTI S/S 2013 Convertible. A586 Churchtown to Windy Harbour. Tailgating all the way to Windy Harbour traffic lights where he passed. Registration and style of car as well as driving manner shows he thinks he is someone of … Read more >

Posted on 19/10/2018 at 09:02 by InANutsHell
Number plate image for DG54HFD

07:15 on 19/10/18. Grey AUDI A4 TDI SE 2004 Estate. A585 Shell Filling Station, Greenhalgh, Kirkham. Tailgates the vehicle in front when leaving Shell. There was room for the first vehicle to exit but this one barged out (tailgated) forcing me to… Read more >

Posted on 19/10/2018 at 08:46 by KirkhamStances
Number plate image for CY18JHV

"CarAMANDA" and Mandy,following 'service officer' "Mr308","MrsBMW" & their colleagues. Evening my happy eager for updates little camper bloggers.Hi,to "LogJam", Police Scotland. I will refer to CrimeWatchCrowd, only for this blog as , CWC , for ease… Read more >

Posted on 18/10/2018 at 23:28 by CarAMANDA
Number plate image for CY18JHV

(account) , "LogJam". A regular visitor to your news and updates here at CY18JHV. Wanted to add our experience of FB problems, as per those being encountered by "CrimeWatchCrowd". Over the 2014 xmas hols. Hackers hacked a batch of work emails in use … Read more >

Posted on 18/10/2018 at 20:53 by LogJam
Number plate image for K70BST

Whilst on the bike, he over took me way too close... Fine. But then when I filtered past at red lights he tried to blocked me by turning into the white line. When I did get past, he decided to tailgate me for 5 miles. Towards Yate I let someone c… Read more >

Posted on 18/10/2018 at 19:21 by ukrider89
Number plate image for CY18JHV

"CrimeWatchCrowd" follows security service colleague, "Mr308 - CY18JHV" I am at home today and have a guest,"CarAMANDA". Yesterday evening Facebook reinstated my facebook account, [] after the hack attemp… Read more >

Posted on 18/10/2018 at 17:55 by CrimeWatchCrowd

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