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Recently added incidentsMost rated: Tailgating/Aggressive driving

Number plate image for YJ13LLG

Signage on red and cream filthy tanker stated - DEN HARTOGH incidents between 1530 and 1630 07 October 2016. East/North bound. Hard shoulder for use of vehicles leaving M42 at junctions 4 6 and 8. Because of traffic this moron decided he was allow… Read more >

Posted on 22/10/2016 at 16:20 by MyJani
Number plate image for YR12LRV

Sure fire heating van decides to push his way out in front of us onto the road. Stops when an oncoming van is obviously annoyed with his stupid behaviour and ends up holding everyone up so thy can shout at each other IDIOT!

Posted on 22/10/2016 at 14:09 by Bertyterty
Number plate image for BD59ELO

Young mail driving down Broad Street, Birmingham, driving and texting at the same time. IDIOT.

Posted on 22/10/2016 at 11:44 by birdy
Number plate image for WV56PLU

Female driver of Land Rover driving and texting at the same time. IDIOT.

Posted on 22/10/2016 at 11:41 by birdy
Number plate image for WV65YGA

Young female driver in new style Mini, white with black roof, driving in lane 3 of m5 south, whilst texting at the same time. IDIOT.

Posted on 22/10/2016 at 11:39 by birdy
Number plate image for BK09SKD

Driver stopped dead in the middle of a two way road and when horned at, got out of his car and walked up to mine and screamed at me through the window before rushing back to his car. Incident was witnessed by a lot of other traffic.I am a female and wa… Read more >

Posted on 21/10/2016 at 23:08 by Tweety
Number plate image for PK56ZVC

A683 Ovangle Road, Lancaster HYUNDAI GETZ GSI AUTO 2007 Registration number: PK56ZVC Body type: 5 Door Hatchback Colour: Red As I was going around the roundabout, the driver of this vehicle from the left doesn't bother giving way but used his sp… Read more >

Posted on 21/10/2016 at 09:17 by WyldeFyre
Number plate image for JU57MCD

Driver did a dangerous undercutting of the overtaking lane, and then jumped into a small gap in a row of traffic travelling at 70 mph causing significant braking of the row of cars behind. Then the driver came off at the next exit (Tring). Dangerous, c… Read more >

Posted on 20/10/2016 at 18:03 by Jonmarklee

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