New website, new features...

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New website, new features...

It's been a long time coming, but version 2 is finally here!

Going forward, you will need to be a registered member of Rate that Driver in order to submit incidents and use some of the new features.

While on the face of it, it may seem like a restrictive measure, we believe it will benefit you, the active participants in the community at Rate that Driver, and help us from a site management perspective.

There has always been occasions when we've been flooded by unacceptable comments by unknown users which proved that more control was needed over the incident reports. The membership system will enable us to more easily manage the contributions to the site and also block unsuitable and disruptive contributors. It also better protects us, the site owners, and gives you, the contributor, more control over what you post and comment on in the site. Combined with the new elements we've introduced, we feel that we are giving you a much improved service.

So what's new?

  • More incident information, photos and gallery
  • The ability to respond to incident comments
  • Improved driver reports
  • Improved search and easier access to other reports
  • Incident statistics
  • The Road Blog - News from us and what's happening on the UK's roads
  • Driving tips
  • User suggestions and referrals

And much more coming soon...

Membership of the site is completely free, the information we ask for is the bare minimum - basically, your name, gender and county (for statistics only) and your email address - we will not under any circumstance, pass any of the details you provide during the process of signing up to a third party without your permission.

The sign-up process is relatively painless and should take only a couple of minutes. Once you've filled in the fields and clicked Register, you'll then be sent an activation email with a link back to the Rate that Driver website, and your membership will be activated.

As with any new feature, we do expect some teething problems and ask that you inform us of any problems you experience or questions you may have by emailing the Technical support team through the contact us page.

That's it. We thank you for using Rate that Driver and we hope that you'll see the benefits of the new system and sign up for continued participation.

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