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Rate That Driver

Out of sheer frustration of driving to work Rate That Driver was born in 2006 to provide a free, unmoderated and simple to use online resource for rating drivers on UK roads. Since then we've recorded thousands of instances of road rage, speeding, inappropriate and generally bad driving, as well as acknowledging those whom you've thought better of.

It wasn't just the bad ones we wanted to name and shame, but also those kind individuals whom don't always think of themselves, act dangerously or are generally a nuisance to others, and for a period of time we found this unique to the internet.

Jawwws Digital; the people responsible!

Reach Business is a London based software company, formed in 2006. Our original focus was on developing web-based software primarily for the financial services industry but this has since shifted to many internal projects we had in mind of our own, including the one you are reading this on.

To find out more about Reach Business and what other projects we have going on, visit our website at www.reachbusiness.co.uk

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