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Date/time: Wednesday, 6 Dec 2017, 17:12 Colour: Silver
Vehicle type: Car Town:
Manufacturer: Volkswagen Gender: Male
Observation(s): Weaving between lanes

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT BLUEMOTION TDI 105 2008 Estate M65 J11 Eastbound This driver was tailgating the car in front on the slip road aporoach and I moved over into the fast lane (two lane motorway) to let them filter in but as I was about to pass this driver couldn’t wait to pass the vehicle in front of him and barged in between it and mine barging his way dangerously and impatiently in front of me. Why do I witness so many drivers that drive like pervs in East Lancashire?

M65 J11 Eastbound
Posted on 06/12/2017 at 19:42 by InANutsHell
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1Excessive speeding

1Tailgating/Aggressive driving

1Weaving between lanes

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