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Date/time: Saturday, 17 Jun 2017, 21:06 Colour: Black
Vehicle type: Car Town:
Manufacturer: Fiat Gender: Male
Observation(s): Excessive speeding

Black FIAT PANDA TWINAIR 4X4 2014 Hatchback A591 Windermere to Kendal An utter idiot pulls out from a side road between Windermere and ings without a clear view of oncoming traffic or slowing down to give way as if he didn't care. Once past the CCTV cameras by Ings in a 40 zone he accelerated to 60 long before the speed zone change and caught up with traffic further up. Then he tailgated the one in front and finally aggressively overtakes when the road widened into two lanes and squeezed past leaving hardly any room. Something of a knob-head.

A591 Windermere to Kendal
Posted on 18/06/2017 at 19:21 by Oursoul
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1Excessive speeding

1Tailgating/Aggressive driving

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