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Date/time: Monday, 11 Sep 2017, 00:09 Colour: Black
Vehicle type: Car Town:
Manufacturer: Ford Gender: Male
Observation(s): Courteous driving

Black Peugeot 308 CY15LHX..Black Ford Focus TY17MLX..(account name: Chestergate) Sister in law corroborated the 3 factor ID method as explained by Carol of Holywell CazDaz)..1:Verbal password is given to civilian..2:Agent calls civilian mobile.. 3:Control-HQ texts Agent photo ID to civilian mobile..(all 3 actions occur in the presence of both the civilian and the agent)..My limited research leads me to conclude, all contacts between Handlers/agents and the civilians, follow strict protocols. My brother was a service-agent,in 2015 a disabled left brain stroke forced retirement. In his later years of active service he related to his wife,my sister the convoluted 3 factor method of validating his ID to a first contact member of the public/civilian. Sister in law repeated comments made by her husband pre-stroke,that contacts by agents with civilians are only made when it is considered to be in the National Security Interest.. Police officer & then a private corporate investigator.Married & Retired and living in Cheshire,England,UK.

Cheshire. England. United Kingdom.
Posted on 11/09/2017 at 02:18 by Chestergate
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Date/time: Sunday, 10 Sep 2017, 00:09 Colour: Black
Vehicle type: Car Town:
Manufacturer: Ford Gender: Male
Observation(s): Courteous driving

We are now following the CY15LHX bloggers: Recently at Liverpool John Lennon Airport,large car park off Speke Hall Avenue.We saw two aged ford transit vans,one pale blue,one pale yellow undergoing a thorough examination.These two aged transits had the rear plates obscured with black paint,unreadable. Sun bleached faded sign-writing on transits was unreadable,Faded signs indicated they may have been used in past as/for fruit & veg ?? Both cab areas under white sheet tenting. At the scene,(service) vehicles you have quoted here,dark blue ford transit on TQ14MOD plate,white ford transit van on TY09QTR plate.XK8 Jag on TY16XRL plate.As we were waiting for a customer's keys to a vehicle we were to collect and deliver elsewhere,two more cars arrived at the scene,both on blue lights & sirens, dark blue mondeo estate on TY8LMM driven by a stocky woman and a black ford focus TY17MLX driven by a man you bloggers describe as (leg/disabled).The two later cars were hanging around for about 45/50 minutes,then M5 BMW TY17LLX arrived on sirens with taller slim woman driving and tyres squealing.Ten minutes later,Mondeo TY8LMM and Focus TY17MLX left scene silently.Our customer arrived with car keys and as she entered the incident area,her car was stopped,boot opened,searched.We were held up on that car park for almost two hours before we could leave. Then when we did finally move, both the collection car I was now driving and my van/employee (wife) were stopped and searched at exit from incident area.We move single or multi-cars from anywhere to anywhere,uk & the world. We have seen TQ14MOD Transit at Port of Holyhead several times this year.My wife has also seen it parked on Asda Queensferry Supercentre supermarket. An employee may have also seen something?? occurring late last year,after dark,on car park off A55 Holiday Inn No idea what that was.Half Doz Black vehicles inc Range Rovers and blue lights ?????? "RopaxDeadHead" North West-United Kingdom.

CarPark Liverpool Airport.
Posted on 10/09/2017 at 03:01 by RopaxDeadHead
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Date/time: Saturday, 9 Sep 2017, 01:09 Colour: Black
Vehicle type: Car Town:
Manufacturer: Ford Gender: Female
Observation(s): Courteous driving

All these official gov+unmarked vehicles are Colour:Black: (posh lady M5 BMW TY17LLX) (? + military man XK8 Jag TY16XRL) (Mr308 CY15LHX + Focus TY17MLX) (Man A4 Audi L594SLV) (Lady Fiesta LOG327J) (Woman Corsa CY12GHD + silver E-Class Merc C638HDV) (4 X Range Rovers TM16MRL + TK15RSL + PVY247R + XRX895H) (Fiesta JOG966F) (vx Adam KTM743R) (A4 Audi K447GHM) (dark blue Transit Van TQ14MOD) (white Peugeot partner van TS15VMT) (white unmarked removals truck TK11RLM) (unmarked motorcycles LX4TTP + LX5TTP + LX6TTP) (white Transit Vans TY14ZZT + TY12VVV + TY09QTR) Official gov+unmarked vehicle.Onboard technology includes vehicle recog and automatic excessive vehicle speed detection.Tracking.Onboard HD+CCTV. Management & owners of car parking facilities have been entertaining foreign (Chinese) corporation that has big cost saving profit making ideas.A future with driver+less cars and a not to distant future with staff+less fully automated parking facilities."Normie" employed until ? Safe & Secure managed facilities. North West Eng.

"Normie" Safe & Secure managed facilities.N-West
Posted on 09/09/2017 at 01:57 by Normie
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3Warned of speed camera



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