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I have registered but not received an email, where is it?
Chances are the email has found it's way to your Junk Mail folder. To fix this, add our domain to your list of allowed domains (also known as Whitelist). If it isn't here, please Contact us and we'll try to resolve to issue with you directly.
I have forgotten my password, can it be rest?
Of course, on the login page there is a link 'Forgot?', that will take you to to a password reset page where you will find instructions on how to do this.
I have a new email address, can I change my login details?
As long as you still know your password, yes. Login with your old email address, then in Profile, update your email address to your new one. We will send both addresses a confirmation email, and an activation email to your new address which will contain a link that you will need to click before you will be able to use it to login with.


Can I remove my number plate?
No, is the usual answer. Something in your driving (either good or bad) was perceived by somebody to warrant your number plate being posted on here.
What happens if i have acquired a vehicle with a previous entry?
Add your vehicle in your profile and include the date you acquired the vehicle. Old reports will then not show against you, only new ones will!
Is my submission anonymous?
That depends on whether you decide to have your profile displayed or not. Your submission will be tagged with your chosen Nickname, but your details will be shown dependant on your Profile.
What if my car had been reported stolen when the number plate was posted?
Then we will need evidence, such as the crime number. However, only the positive or negative ratings will be removed, the comments will stay in the system but with a note to say what had happened. It makes it more interesting but statistically valid!.

Website problems

A part of the website does not work properly. What should I do?
Let us know about it by going to the Contact Us page and filling in the details of the problem.
When I search for a number plate, it is not found, why?
Then obviously the number plate you are looking for has not been reported!


How do I unsubscribe from the emails you send me?
You can unsubscribe by either clicking the link at the bottom of the email or by using the Unsubscribe page.

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